Our Mission

Our Mission Statement
“We seek to share, improve & engage our skills, talents and educational accomplishments for Self-Improvement, Community Development & the Empowerment of the People of the World~ all for the glory of God!”

Our Vision
Our collective vision is to see our people inspired to accept their own, be themselves- using their own God-given talents, securing something of good for themselves, their communities, in pursuit of happiness and above all else- to live in freedom, justice, equality & peace!

We desire to eventually bridge the gap between the peoples of the Americas with the peoples of Africa, improving the living conditions, technology, housing and properly utilizing the resources fairly, to the benefit of all.

Mission 19
In honor of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s lifelong dedication, extensive research and presentation of the Spiritual Significance of the number “19”, “Mission 19” represents a collective of individuals who have a vested interest in using our God-given talents to explore, study and achieve, in a Mathematical Way, the best solution to our problems.

Our inception of this Mission will begin in Senegal, West Africa, eventually being shared with other countries, continents and the peoples of the New World.