The Affordable Roof Project

Since I was a child, I enjoyed playing games that involved building cities. For those who remember Sim City, they will recall that this game taught you from the start to the finish how to plan, build and operate a city officially every day.

Senegal: Actual Facts

Background. A former French Colony, Senegal is the most westerly state on the African continent, with its Capital City of Dakar, jutting into the North Atlantic, the most westerly city. The state holds the distinction of being The Gambia’s only neighbour (740km), surrounding it on three sides with the ocean to the west. However, Senegal…

Macky Sall initiates a new Special Economic Zone in Thiénaba

A delegation led by the initiator Babacar Fall, managing director of Bf trading and service and Aliou Mara, managing director of the Special Economic Zones (Zes) at the Apix, yesterday proceeded to a reconnaissance of the premises, with foreign partners.

Located in the municipality of Thiénaba, the special economic zone, vast with an area of ​​600 ha, is located on the Ilaa Touba toll road. Offering multiple business opportunities, it will generate more than 10,000 direct jobs.