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“One small Seed of Faith grew a Tree of Opportunity!”
~Dr. Tisa Muhammad

About Us

Bodhi Enterprises Int’l Inc / SARL, is a Limited Liability Company organized in Dakar, Senegal by Dr. Tisa Farrell Muhammad & Papa Abdou Faye in August 2017.

Bodhi Enterprises Team
Our Founding Team: Papa Abdou & Dr. Tisa

We are a Social Enterprise .

We are dedicated to making social impacts through exceptional service, social change & community development, globally.

Bodhi Enterprises, SARL is headquartered in Yoff, Dakar, Senegal and its International sister company, Bodhi Enterprises Int’l Inc.  is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, under the same organized body.

Why “Bodhi”?

Named after the Sanskrit word for “Awakening” or the principle of “Enlightenment”, the Bodhi tree has long been recognized as the old sacred fig tree mentioned by Siddhartha Gautama, the spiritual teacher whom the world recognizes as the Buddha, under which he is said to have attained spiritual enlightenment.

It is stated that, after sitting under the Bodhi tree for several years, Siddhartha observed others and while contemplating his own life experiences,  became aware of not only his own suffering, but also the suffering of others, inspiring deeper compassion for others, moving him to serve, which inspired his peers at the time and which now inspires others, thousands of years after his life.

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Poverty sharing the streets of Dakar on a rainy day

The “Bodhi tree”, this uniquely special “fig tree”, has been historically revered in both Islam and Christianity for its’ innumerable healing values found in the simplicity of its tiny seeds.

Clear Keys to Our Success
In August of 2013, Dr. Tisa Muhammad & Papa Abdou Faye, started breaking the grounds and carefully cultivating the inception of what would eventually become their model operational standard of community service.  Through time, this expanded into an Enterprise of Service based on the application of Problem-Solving various minor issues that eventually grew into larger projects for change.

Our Dedication to Service
We are especially passionate about children, as they are the keys to our successful and lasting future, so we are constantly seeking ways to bring changes that will enhance their lives and make their childhood happy and memorable!

One such impactful change was implemented through their considerable donation of sand to the local TaHa’s Children’s Village, founded by Mme Salimata Gaye  in Cité Mixta, Dakar, Senegal, in August of 2013.  Mme Gaye, through a great deal of sacrifice of time, money and resources, provided the local children with a safe, fun environment to play and relax in a specially-designed playground for that community.

Those simple, yet impactful acts, eventually led to one major life-changing movement  regarding the environment in September 2015, with their direct influence over the organization of committees, under the guidance of Mr Mamadou Ndiour,  dedicated to cleaning up Dakar’s beaches and helping to limit the trash that has a direct effect on the health of the people and the ocean’s inhabitants.

In July of 2017, they extended these opportunities to other individuals who shared similar visions and desires to lend their talents, exchange their training and experiences to improve the living conditions of the people through service.

After arduous years of personal sacrifice of time, energy, money and other personal resources dedicated to providing simple solutions to various people, organizations & businesses, they were presented with an opportunity to expand their works through legally partnering with Infrascom in August of that same year.

Current Social Impacts
In 2017 to 2018 we worked with Infrascom on the conception of The Three Lakes Project for Dakar, Clean Water for Touba and the beginning of a Waste Management project for the Government of Senegal on the conception, planning & direct implementation of various Developmental Projects for the improvement of the conditions of the people.

Current Operations
Currently we are operating as a Sole Corporation, making partnerships with various Developers, Inventors and Organizations that are directly interested in helping to contribute to social change.

Our objectives are simple, we seek to provide individuals with opportunities to lend their services, teaching & skills to provide feasible solutions to global challenges!

Areas of Interest
Bodhi Enterprises Int’l Inc / SARL is currently responsible for the development of the following areas:

  1. Waste Management Development
  2. Bio-Sustainable Housing Development
  3. Business Development
  4. Health & Wellness Development Projects
  5. Education, Training & Certification in various trades
  6. Renewable Energy Implementation & Training
  7. Water Well Drilling & Purification
  8. Agriculture/Agri-Business Training & Development
  9. Sustainable Project Development
  10. Urban Restoration, Beautification & Planning
  11. Community Development
  12. IT Development Projects & More

We are currently seeking to work closely with like-minded individuals who are trained in our areas of interest or who have a project idea or business development proposal.
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