About Us.

Since 2013 we have effectively worked together to help make other’s dreams become more realized. With the launching of Bodhi Enterprises Int’l Inc /SARL, we have been provided with more effective tools and funding to manifest greater ventures that will help build cities and improve communities. We invite you to join us, because together we can change the World!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chief Executive Officer

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and born to parents of the Diaspora (via Trinidad & Tobago), Dr. Tisa is Professionally Registered as a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Muhammad is Responsible for organizing the think tank of skilled Professionals who are enthusiastically prepared to teach, train & assist in solving current developmental challenges in Africa and the World.

Mr. Papa Abdou FAYE

Dakar, Senegal, Africa

A native of Senegal, West Africa, Mr. Faye is Professionally trained in IT Communicationswith Cisco Systems, Inc. (Senegal), Mr. Faye is Responsible for bridging both local and national Professionals in Africa, establishing good Government relationships and forming strong business partnerships for development in Africa.

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