The Affordable Roof Project

“It always seems impossible, until its done.”
~Nelson Mandela

Since I was a child, I enjoyed playing games that involved building cities. For those who remember Sim City, they will recall that this game taught you from the start to the finish how to plan, build and operate a city officially every day.

Although the real world incorporates these elements found in Sim City, there is the reality of seeking funding, dealing with those who may not want to see the project fulfilled and finding the right people to orchestrate the vision from start to finish— EFFECTIVELY— which is far from child’s play.

Two young boys play in the streets of an overcrowded Dakar.

Most recently, I had this idea to figure out how to build a home (not a shack!) for less than $5,000 dollars. In my quest to assist those who are impoverished, who make less that $3.10/day- which is the reality for over 60% of the population of Senegal and most of Africa- I came across several solutions that made this more attainable, however, the funding of such a venture, quickly became an issue.

Imagine the fact that there are many people who are forced to reside with others in their families, above and beyond their desires, because they only gross $120 to $250 USD a month or less. What kind of mortgage can you offer them? What type of downpayment can you reasonably attain, in good faith, without haphazardly affecting their other obligations and impacting an already merger livelihood?

Africa is wealthy in natural resources; the problem is they are not optimally utilized.”
~Yoweri Museveni

In 2019: We are helping to Build a New City
in Senegal, West Africa.

In October 2018, we were introduced to a beautiful opportunity to make my childhood dreams a reality, together with our partner, 7 Vision Groupe (Senegal, West Africa), we pursued the opportunity to provide people with a home in Senegal. I coined this project as “The Affordable Roof Project: Social Sustainable Housing for Change,” and since its’ inception, it is already living up to its reputation, providing housing opportunities that stem beyond Senegal’s borders, into the World.

With our partner, 7 Vision Groupe, we have been commissioned to begin building 5,913 homes in what will eventually become a new city called Diamniadio, in Senegal, West Africa.

According to an article from QuartzAfrica,

In 2035, the futuristic city of Diamniadio should have risen next door from the old, worn-out Diamniadio township, and, according to the plan, be the most modern urban center Senegal has ever seen.  It’s the biggest project of president Macky Sall’s Emerging Senegal Plan, an ambitious set of initiatives “aiming at getting Senegal onto the road to development by 2035.”

Located 40 kilometers (24 miles) from Dakar, where traffic jams, high housing costs, and overpopulation make life challenging, Diamniadio is hailed by the government as a way to decongest the capital and spur national economic growth. Critics call it a vanity project of president Sall, who is running for reelection in 2019.

It comes with a $2 billion-dollar price-tag. Its 1,644 hectares (little more than 4000 acres) will be subdivided into four sectors of 400 hectares (or 1,000 acres) each—so far, badly linked together.

One will be the Ministerial City, next to the “City of knowledge,” with entertainment facilities and the Amadou Mahtar Mbow University (UAM), fit for 30,000 students, an international industrial park, and a “smart city.” Housing will be enough for 350,000 people, with luxury, middle-class, and economic buildings near one another.

Although this project may seem like an impossible feat to some, when you have the right team of people working with you, this too can easily be achieved.

Through our partnerships, we will be able to achieve not only my childhood dream, but also eventually answer the prayers and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people, through providing enough employment to assist in changing the financial struggles usually found all too often in Africa’s rural communities, giving them a chance to help build their own homes, beautify their cities and inspire hope for their families’ future.

With The Affordable Roof Project, the future looks great from where we are standing!

We are providing Joint Venture Opportunities for those who want to share in this great project. In addition, we are being offered other development projects that need the right kind of people with the right heart to join us. If you are one of those people, please send us your information so we can speak. Thank you.

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